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The Ford Capri Laser Page

Perhaps one of the most breathtaking Capris ever built was the Aston Martin Tickford; a turbo-charged super car based on the 2.8 Injection model but with fully uprated engine, brakes and suspension. The bodywork was fully kitted out with spoilers, grille and side skirts and the look was completed with a luxurious interior comprising leather seats, wool carpets and walnut dash.

" Aston Martin Tickford Turbo. The ultimate Ford Capri perhaps ? "

The idea behind this introduction is to give you a feel for what the Ford Capri is and why it is such a popular part of British Motoring history. Everyone in Britain knew somebody who had a Capri at some stage. Their popularity as a sports car will never be matched again. And why ? - because they were stylish, practical, reliable and very cheap to own and run.

“ This is the very first Ford Probe to arrive in the UK - it was supposed to be the Capri of the Nineties, but was withdrawn from sale after only a few years "

If you are a Capri fan I hope you find my other pages interesting. They are my thoughts and experiences on a car that has become a part of my life - I have been the proud owner of two Capris over the last twenty five years: both completely original 1987 2.0 litre 'LASER' models in Diamond White. The story of my two Capris can be seen in detail on my other pages.

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