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The Ford Capri Laser Page

The lucky ones had a V6 version which was originally the much loved and lamented Essex 3.0 litre or the later model 2.8 Cologne that came equipped with a sophisticated Bosch fuel injection system. On the outside the cars were identical apart from some minor style differences. The 3.0 litre cars were recognised by their growling twin exhausts at the rear.

" Top of the range 3.0 Ghia from 1979. Boot spoilers were still an optional extra back then "

By the early 1980's the Capri was quite a refined animal with a new 5-speed gearbox, improved interiors and more reliable running gear. The V6 2.8 Injection Special introduced in 1981 was the most refined Capri ever, with breathtaking performance in a surrounding of leather, limited slip and metallic paint! Many fine examples of these cars still exist today.

" Concours condition 2.8 Injection Special with colour coded bumpers "

" A fully kitted out 2.8 Injection Special "

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