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Latest News December 2017

After a whole summer of fun driving the Capri round and turning lots of heads it was time for her to be prepared for winter storage.  This usually happens early November just after the clocks change for winter    So she had a minor service at Quest Brothers Classic Cars an then placed carefully in the storage garage, on trickle charge, where she will stay until the clocks change back next year in the spring.  

There has been very little to report because for once I’ve had a summer of problem free driving.  She still looks immaculate and the re-done paintwork on the roof is still looking great.

While she is in storage I have three jobs to tackle:

1) I am trying to get Bob Hammond in Peterborough to come and do the second part of the seat restoration which is to re-cloth the centre parts of the leather Recaro front seats.  I managed to buy some genuine Ford matching fabric for this job in the spring and now it is just a case of waiting for Bob to become free after Christmas.

2) I want to get the windscreen wiper arms repainted as they are old and flaking and really stand out on the rest of the immaculate car.  Quest has suggested they are spray painted rather than powder coated but we’ll see once they are off the car.

3) Did I mention I scraped the nearside font alloy wheel on  curb I the summer?  I misjudged parking her against a tall curb and there was a gut wrenching crunch as my spotless alloy got mangled.  Need to get it off the car and up to the refurbishers in Huntingdon.

Since I had the Capri restored in the winter of 2015 the value of these of Fords has risen and risen and it is quite amazing seeing how much they are going for on Ebay and places at the moment.  I’m guess I am lucky I got mine so long ago they were worth peanuts!