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The Ford Capri Laser Page


This is my tribute to one of the greatest sports cars made by Ford. The Ford Capri first hit the roads of Britain in 1969 and continued through to 1986 when production ceased. By then, over two million had been produced - with well over half a million in Britain alone !

Although the Capri was sold world-wide, by the end it of its life it was only available in Britain; all models being made in Cologne, Germany. Ford celebrated the Capri's demise with a final limited edition model known as the 'Brooklands 280'. This high spec V6 Capri came in one colour only - Brooklands Racing Green, and had a compliment of full leather trim and ultra low profile Pirelli tyres. Only 1038 of these Capris were made and are now highly sought after collectors items.

" One of the very last: an E registered Brooklands 280 in mint condition "

Today, the Capri is as popular as ever, with many being restored to original splendour and gaining in value. It is widely recognised as a 'neo-classic' by many people. Sadly, more and more Capris are ending up in the scrap yards and numbers are gradually dwindling. However there is a dedicated Capri owners club who strive to 'Keep the Legend Alive' by publishing an excellent monthly magazine full of articles, technical Q & A and so on. The club also provides a source of hard-to-get spares. In addition to this, they organise numerous events and gatherings for all sorts of Capri enthusiasts from the standard car drivers through to the heavily modified Capri owners. The Capri Club International can be contacted at the following e-mail address, sales@capriclub.co.uk and have a web page at www.capriclub.co.uk

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