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The Ford Capri Laser Page



Ford introduces the Laser limited edition models - 1600s and 2000s - eventually turning this into the run-out standard version of four-cylinder cars. Yet another change for the high-profile, but slow-selling 2.8i in September, which is re-designated 'Special' for 1985, complete with limited-slip differential, new-style seven-spoke dished-alloy wheels and a £9500 price tag. 


A final run of 2.8-litre injected models to be called the 280, is announced. Painted in Brooklands green, with leather upholstery, these cost £11,999 each - and 1038 are built. Total Capri production, from 1968 to 1986, reaches 1,886,647 cars. In 1989 Ford re-introduces the Capri model name, this time on a front-wheel-drive 2 +2 Australian roadster and based on the floorpan and front-wheel-drive running gear of the Mazda 323. Sold in the USA as a Mercury Capri, but never sold in Europe, it will last until the mid '90s.

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After prototypes are shown in 1981, Ford backs limited-production of the Capri Tickford, a sophisticated conversion based on the 2.8i, but with a 205 bhp turbocharged 2.8-litre engine. Recognised by an extrovert body kit, including spoilers and side skirts, Tickford prices start at £14,985. Only 100 new Tickfords will be sold, the last in 1987. 

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