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The Ford Capri Laser Page


Ford springs a surprise with the announcement of the Midnight special edition models at the Geneva Motor Show, the first of the Capri S-types. Kitted out in black, with gold pin striping and special wheels, plus stiffened suspension and damping, these specials are available in 1.6, 2.0 and 3-litre form. Ford only makes 100,000 Capris in 1975. The decline will continue. 


The MkIII Capri (four headlamps, better trim, general upgrade of equipment), takes over from the MkII Capri, really as a facelift of an existing style. No changes to the platform, the suspension or the choice of engines. This being the inflationary '70s, UK prices now span £2792 to £5337. Capri sales are in steep decline. Ford produces only 69,000 in 1978. 


Ford creates a sensation by introducing the Capri 2.8i - the first UK-market version to use the Cologne V6 engine, the first to have fuel injection (160 bhp), and the first to have its chassis redeveloped by Rod Mansfield's SVE department. Priced originally at £7995, it's an immediate success. Ford now treats the Capri as a mature range, with few future Innovations planned and production only continues as long as there is spare capacity In Cologne. If the Granada had sold better, the Capri might have been killed earlier. 

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