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The Ford Capri Laser Page


First use of the Capri name on a British Ford, this is a two-door coupe version of the Classic saloon. No relation to future Capris, this is a heavier, older-fashioned and very American-looking model. The last Classic Capri is made in July 1964. 


Ford introduces the much-hyped Capri. Originally it is to be built at Halewood in the UK and at Cologne in West Germany, with a wide choice of engines from 1.3 litre to 3-litre. Ford also show prototype Capris with 16-valve Cosworth BDA engines and propose to sell them in limited numbers, but change their minds during the year. Instead, the V6-engined Capri 3000GT is introduced in October. Prices of this 128 bhp car start at £1,291. Other sports cars of this size suddenly look expensive. Ford produces nearly 220,000 Capris in 1969. 


Time for rationalisation of option packs, meaning that only Base, L, XL, XLR and E are now available. Still a wide choice, but the range is easier to understand. The 1300GT version, always a slow seller, is discontinued. In a general Ford uprating of its V-engines, the 3000GT / 3000Es now get 138 bhp, and more torque than before. Works Capris, with 2.9-Iitre Cologne V6 engines, win the European Touring car Championship.

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