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The Ford Capri Laser Page

The 2.8 Injection Special Turbo

In the 80's this was the ultimate Ford 'muscle car'. If only the insurance was a bit cheaper, I might have had one of these. Still there's always a chance....

It seems crazy but in 1986 you could order a 200 bhp Capri direct from your Ford dealer ! Modified by Turbo Technics, this Capri was a 140 mph super car with a price tag of £12,200. This car offered virtually the same performance as the Aston Martin Tickford Capri at a fraction of the cost.

To many people, this is the ultimate Capri conversion. The Garrett T03 turbo was neatly installed onto a purpose built manifold on the near side of the engine compartment. An uprated oil pump was necessary to keep the 100,000 rpm turbo well lubricated. A front mounted air to air inter-cooler kept the charge cooled prior to entering the standard inlet manifold. The whole set up was extremely neat and was finished with uprated brakes and harder suspension bushes. A Turbo Capri could reach 60 mph in 6.8 seconds from standstill !

" The only clue to this cars enormous power is the small 'Turbo Technics' badge on the boot ! "

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