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The Ford Capri Laser Page

The Aston Martin Tickford Capri

What can you say about this amazing car? There were only ever 100 built and it's not surprising considering the 1986 cost was over £17,200. Thousands of Capri fans wanted a Tickford but few could afford one. From special order, a brand new 2.8 Injection Special was delivered to Aston Martin Tickford where it was stripped and converted into a Tickford Capri. Almost every aspect of the already superb Capri was improved: a Japanese IHI turbocharger with enormous air to air inter-cooler was fitted to the engine, an uprated 5-speed gearbox with alloy cooled limited slip differential to cope with the enormous increase in power, uprated suspension all round with a front strut brace, uprated brakes with a full rear disc conversion, and a complete interior rebuild with full leather trim, walnut dashboard and high-fi console. Then of course was the outrageous exterior trim with the front grille blanked off and moulded front and rear bumpers. The angular sills and front and rear spoilers helped the car achieve a drag co-efficient of 0.37.

It is my understanding that all Tickford Capris were painted white at the factory, but I have seen both black, gold and red versions on the roads of Britain. And they are extremely rare with probably only 50 in existence today.  Just one exists outside Britain, in the Netherlands. Those who have driven this 140 mph super Capri which could reach 100 mph from standstill in only 18 seconds are extremely lucky human beings !

" One of the original Tickford Capris "

" The camera struggles to keep up with the 140 mph super-car "

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