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Latest News January 2021

With the situation we are in right now it is hard to think of much to write about regarding life with the Capri apart from to say that she is currently off the road in hibernation waiting patiently, like the rest of us, for things to improve.  She passed her delayed MOT on November 25th and then had a thorough clean and polish before the covers were put over her until spring.  I keep a trickle charger on the battery over winter and she will normally fire up fresh as a daisy when the time is right.

I have been lucky to have a year of relative trouble free motoring in her in 2021.  Only a couple of tiny issues here and there which needed attention.  I did notice the Hella fog lamp covers had cracked and gone brittle but was able to source new ones for under twenty pounds and these are sitting ready to be fitted.

Just before the MOT Paul at Quest Brothers did a thorough once over and service for me.  He has mentioned that there is excessive play in the steering which seems to be coming form the universal joint on the steering column so we’ll have to take a look at that in the spring.  I do recall fitting a replacement rubber bush about ten years ago from the Capri Club so it may be on its way out again.  I can’t say I’ve noticed much driving her.  I might get the steering wheel off as well and take a look at the indicator cancelling system which only seems to work when  you are turning right (when you tend to turn the wheel more).

Apart from that it is now a case of sitting tight and waiting for the Covid nightmare to be over with…..

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