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News Archive 2020

Latest News March 2020

So here we are with spring around the corner and we are all in lock-down over this Corona Virus.  It’s obviously a very stressful time for everyone right now and I wish everyone well as we prepare to make drastic changes to our lives in the coming months.

As the weather is improving and I needed cheering up I decided to get my Capri our of winter storage a few days ago.  She looks great after being under cover in dry storage since late last year.  After a few attempts to get the petrol flowing again she fired up without issues.

Actually, I discovered that the drivers door lock was spinning round and not locking the car.  This turned out just to be a retaining clip had come loose and was a quick fix.

I treated her to a professional buff and polish at Quest Brothers as some of the white paint had got small stains on it here and there over the four years since the restoration.  She is all gleaming and white again, and has a new passenger door seal fitted to help stop the ongoing damp problems I was having last year.

Today with the roads virtually deserted I decided to go for a quick drive around some of the local country roads.  Lots of fun, lots of smiles, thumbs ups and waves from people.  You forget just how loved these old Fords are by the British public.  I filled her up at the local garage and had three people around her by the time I’d finished!

With the introduction of E10 unleaded petrol in the UK soon we will have no choice but to use super unleaded petrol in our old cars.  The high ethanol content of unleaded is not really suitable for cars designed to run on four star leaded petrol!

So with a good run and some fresh air in the tyres the Capri seems to stop and go just fine and everything seems to work; even the two speed fan heater fired up correctly without complaint!

Latest News October 2020

Like everyone else in the World life in 2020 is very different to how we imagined.  For a while during early lock down I drove my Capri for several weeks in the nice weather.  Everything has been working and running well so not really much to mention on that side of things.  I had a minor issue with the drivers door lock which required a bit of a strip down and reassembly of the door card which is always fun.  Other than that is has been a year of trouble free motoring.The Capris MOT was due on 25th May but this was extended to the 25th of November which suits me better and allows me to get her all serviced and MOT’d at the end of the driving season before she goes away for winter again.

In early September I was able to show the car once again at the Hemingford Classic Car show run by Quest Brothers.  Just like 2019 it was a lovely sunny day and there were nearly 200 classic cars on show including three Capris, which was nice.  Here are few pics of the day which I hope you like. The show inspired me to T-cut and polish the car the week before and the paintwork looked fantastic.  I think after four years it had dulled a little bit and you don’t really notice until you start cleaning one corner.

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