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The Ford Capri Laser Page

Rear of the Car

The final part of the welding part of the restoration was to fettle and shape the rear wheel arches, and repair the the lower skit around the rear par of the car.  Repair sections for the rear lower panels are readily available and these were sourced and duly fitted after the old metal section was cut away.  This was a reasonably straight forward repair.

The rear wheel arches had ben previously repaired and left in a pre-painted state.  So all Dennis had to do was a bit of fettling to get the shape consistent and right.  The inner wheel arches were all repaired by D W Mechanicals in 2015.

The rear tailgate had a small amount of rot along the lower glas seal.  We considered replacing the whole tailgate as they are readily available but as nearly all of them rit in exactly the same place, it was decided to repair the one we had.  The rear screen was kept in place as it is bonded to the frame.  But we removed and replaced the rear screen seal with a nice new one.

The car was pretty much ready for sanding and preparation for painting…

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The rear of the Capri had new metal repair sections welded in to the two lower rear quarters and the panel below the number plate

Tailgate needed minor repairs where the spoiler had sat and around the bottom of the bonded glass

Offside rear wheel arch fettled and prepared for painting.  This was previously repaired in 2015


Nearside rear wheel arch repaired and smoothed after D W Mechanicals replaced the arch in 2015 

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