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2014 Welding Repairs to the Sills

As you can see from the photo above my Capri's rear wheel arches were in much worse condition than I ever could imagined.  So in Autumn 2014 the car was once again booked into DW Mechanicals for Den to work his magic.  As I mentioned before Den is a VW Beetle restorer but has taken a bit of a shine to my Capri and works on her with much enthusiasm.  Like Beetles the Capri seems to rot just about everywhere and nothing surprises Den.

But I think even he was shocked as to how bad they were!

To start with I sourced some rear wheel arch repairs on the Internet which came to about twenty pounds a pair.  As received they require a LOT of fettling so this is not a job for an amateur!  Den first decided where to cur back to and then used the shaped repair metal as an outline template as to where to cut.  Using a disc cutter it was just a a case of removing the old metal to reveal what was beneath.

As shown above there was virtually nothing left of the inner wing which was a blend of filler, underseal and crazy foam.  What metal was there had the strength of a Jacobs Cream Cracker.

With both sides removed Den asked me to look for some inner arch repairs but this proved impossible as nobody makes them and the few that were cut and removed and on E-by were way to expensive.  So Den dad to fabricate brand new inner metal arches using lots of welding and cutting to give the curved profile.  This took absolutely ages to get right and had him swearing and cursing a bit.

Finally with the inner arches rebuilt and solid it was time to fix the repair sections and seam weld them on to the original metal of the car.  With all this completed a lot of time was taken to fill, sand and smooth the join so that it was completely invisible.  The outer arch as been correctly welded on to the new inner arch and the join made completely water tight.  The job has been finished by a thick coat of Waxoyl and a temporary coat of VW Beetle white primer t stop any corrosion whilst we get the rest of the work done.

I have to say the rear arches look fantastic even though my car is a bit of a patch work of colours right now.  Only time will tell how good a job Den has done but he genuinely seems to care about making it right and to a high standard.

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