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Fitting the New Ford Wings

With all the inner wing repairs completed it was time to fit the outer wings.  As mentioned these were genuine Ford Capri wings purchased second hand.  It took me nearly to years to find a decent pair at the right price and these came from a chap in Northern Ireland vie E-bay for just over £400  Although they were rust free they came with issues; most notably the nearside wing that had been badly repaired off the car and was clearly twisted and distorted as a result. The offside wing wasn’t too bad and would actually fit straight on the car and look quite good.  The nearside wing was so distorted that I honestly thought Dennis would refuse to fit it.  He wanted to fit a nice straight pattern wing and even purchased one to try out.  But they are not a patch on the genuine things and I knew that real wings would look so much better in the long run.  Dennis promised he would try to get them to fit but I could see he wasn’t that keen.

The offside wing wasn’t without issues.  Although neither had any rust on them, there were numerous dents and blemishes all over them.  That was the least of our worries.  The wing was eventually fitted into place and Dennis got the gaps looking perfect.  At least he was happy with that one.

The nearside wing had to have the repaired section cut away as it was distorting the wing top.  Only once this was off could we start to re-bend the wing back into something resembling the correct shape.  It did finally go on but at this point it was too stressful to visit so I left them to it for a few days.  Eventually Dennis got it to a point where he was happy with it and a brand new wing rail was fabricated; this time in the correct place.  I almost wept when I saw her with both wings welded in place.  At this point I started to get an idea about how good she could eventually look…

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Unlike the near side wing that was so distorted it stood proud of the bonnet by almost an inch!

Finally after a lot of cutting, grinding, bending, fettling and swearing the nearside wing is straight and fits beautifully!

Unlike the nearside wing which curved upwards above the wheel arch….

Offside wing was actually a really good fit and didn’t require a lot of fettling

Offside wing was almost a perfect fit just resting on the car!

Hopefully with a bit more fettling and some paint it will be as good as when it left the factory… 

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