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The Ford Capri Laser Page

The Inner Wings

There are usually all sorts of horrors lying underneath the wings of a Ford Capri and mine was no exception.  The front sill sections required extensive repairs which Dennis did the old fashioned way crafting them individually.  You can actually buy repair sections for the sills and on reflection this may have been a wiser approach.  But they got fixed and are solid metal again.

The wing rails  were basically non-existent and Dennis had to create these from scratch using the new wings as a template.  Again repair rails are available but even these will require a lot of re-working to get them to fit to the wings correctly.

The A-posts are welded to the back of the wings in the factory which is very difficult to access later.  So normally the water gathers in the join and eats the metal away.  A section on each side had to be cut out and replaced with an L-shaped length of new metal.

At the front of the inner wings new metal was required to join all the gaps between slam panel, wing tops and headlamp bowls.  I think it was at this point I got really worried and stayed away for a few days!

Front wheel arches rot so make sure inner protective guards are in place


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Nearside inner wing repairs completed and starting to look very solid once again!


The repair is completed and the sill is solid once again!


New metal sections are fabricated and welded in to create a new front sill.  This is all hidden by the front wing.


The wing rail is welded into place on the top of the inner wing where good metal is.  Weld is ground down and made invisible


A brand new wing rail is created by carefully fettling new metal to fit the curvature of the wing

New  metal fabricated to join the slam panel back to the inner wing and the top of the headlamp bowl

Nearside  inner wing required extensive repairs to the top section

Yes that is a large hole straight into the cockpit all hidden by the carpet!  Water from the screen had dripped down and rotted this.

Offside front sill section undergoing repairs with new metal

Nearside inner wing fully repaired with new metal on the A-post and the front sill

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