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The Ford Capri Laser Page

Final Checks

I suggest you check over the underside of the car. Look for signs of corrosion. Spotting and repairing the rust areas early on will save you expensive repair bills later.

Also check the exhaust for holes and make sure the mountings are all in place.

Check all the rubber bushes front and rear. They will all appear slightly cracked after a few years but watch out for obvious tears or splits. 

Look closely at the steering gaiters. If they are split, you will need to replace them as soon as possible or risk damage to your steering rack.

Inspect the shock absorbers for signs of leakage. They should be changed every 60,000 miles. You can replace just the inserts for the large front shocks. This is much cheaper than replacing the entire shock absorber. Don't forget to inspect the springs while you're at it.

Every 12,000 miles you should re-torque the rear axle mounts to 25 pounds foot. You will need a deep set socket to get to the nut and this job needs to be done with the car on the ground. Be warned - if the bolts have corroded on you risk shearing the U-bolt when you do this.  It may be wiser to leave it alone in this case!

Finally, don't forget to grease the door hinges and put some WD40 in the locks. If you have an electric aerial, make sure it is clean but don't oil or grease it as this attracts dirt particles which mess up the drive mechanism. The aerial is designed to run dry.

Your Capri should now be running like a Swiss watch again so happy motoring !!

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