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The Ford Capri Laser Page

The Carburettor

I've left this to the end because there are many different carburettors fitted to the Ford Capri.

I recommend that you pay your money and get your car Krypton tuned at a reputable Garage. Carburettors are sensitive beasts with many potential problems that are best left to the experts in my opinion. If you are still running your 1.6 Capri with a VV type I suggest that you consider replacing it with a twin choke Weber from the 2lt, which will improve performance no end. Get a Garage to help you do this as the Weber will need re-jetting for use on a 1.6 engine.

A couple of things you can do during a general service are as follows. Make sure that all the linkages on the carburettor are well greased. Use a cotton bud to get the grease in all the nooks and crannies. You can try pouring some Redex into the top of the carburettor with the engine running (slowly and not too much). This will clean off all the carbon gum inside the carburettor and usually creates lots of white smoke which is good fun. The engine tickover should be set to 900rpm when warm. There is a large knurled nut at the back of the carburettor for adjusting this.

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