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News Archive 2018

Latest News March 2018

The Capri is still in storage whilst this nasty cold spell grips the UK.  Hopefully by the time the clocks go forward at Easter it will be time to think about getting her our ready for 2018.

So as reported last time I have three jobs to do which are all underway.

1) The windscreen wiper arms are round at Quest Bothers waiting for some black paint.  I should be getting those back soon.

2) Bob Hammond has finished the cloth seat restoration on the Recaro seats.  If you remember he did the full leather restoration last year and agreed to finished the job off after I sourced and bought some genuine Recaro cloth last year.  I was due to go and pick them up on Saturday but I was beaten by the heavy snow we had last week.

3) The front nearside wheel is off the car and I’m taking it up to Ace in Huntingdon tomorrow to be refurbished (again) after I damaged it on a curb in 2017.

During the winter months I have been buying some blank cassette tapes and have been making some tapes up to play in the car.  My tape player still works as good as new and sounds great with the upgraded speakers and graphic equaliser equalising all the graphics!  You forget how good tapes can actually sound - a well recorded chrome tape is hard to tell from a CD and as long as they have been stored somewhere safe they will be as good as new even after twenty or thirty years!

Latest News July 2018

So here we are in the middle of a heat wave.  My Capri passed her MOT without any issues back in May and all the little jobs have been done.  I have my newly painted windscreen wiper arms back on the car and the seats are all back in place with new cloth centre sections.  Bob Hammond did an amazing job and they now look as good as new. And with new padding they are really comfortable too!

Whilst the seats were being done I stripped down the metal support frame and cleaned up the runners.  After all the grime was removed and new o-rings fitted to the plastic slider bearings, the frame was hand painted with satin black Hammerite and refitted to the car. The scuffed alloy is also fixed and back on the car.  

So here I am in July with a few hundred miles of driving on her.  She looks amazing in the sunshine and attracts enormous attention wherever we go.  It is genuinely nice to hear all the positive comments and see lots of people waving in appreciation as you drive by.  And for once I really don’t have any additional work to do on her for now. Pretty much everything is working perfectly.  Even the blower is working!  It is just a case of dry cleaning her and keeping the bird pooh of the paintwork (we have an army of house martins at our house in the summer months).

I’ve been buying up old music cassettes off Ebay and now have quite a collection.  They (for the most part) play as good as new and they sound amazingly good.  You forget just how god old analogue technology sounded and it is keeping in line with the period of the car to have a box of cassettes on the rear seats!

I hope all you Capri owners have a great time enjoying your cars in the hot summer months!

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