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The Ford Capri Laser Page

News Archive 2015

Latest New Jan 2015:

The Capri is starting t look a bit more like her old self again.  After a month of cutting and welding and a large amount of money spent, the rear whel arches are full repaired and looking brand new again.  At them moment they are painted in a strange VW base white to get them through the winter.

The Capri radio was returned repaired and now sounds fantastic again - with the aid of some discreet Kenwood speakers.

With the radio back again I fitted the dashboard back together yet again.  I actually fitted some new bulbs to the instrument binale and had to do a bit of reapir work on the flexible circuit to get them all working.  Whilst I was at it I fitted a set of metalic looking instrument dials.  This sounds a bit naff but they really do look very smart and are much easier to see at night.

The Capri I booked in at the end of March again to start work around the windscreen which is the final major part o rust to sort out.

Latest New May 2015:

I have been enjoying driving the Capri in the good weather of March and April.  She is running well despite looking like a patchwork of paint.

At the time of writing she has just gone in to D W mechanicals for the next set of restoration work.  Den is planning to sort out the rusting scuttle panel in front of the windscreen.  This will need the screen to come out which will be replaced as it has gone quite milky white around the edges.  We are not sure if the screen rubbber can be replaced or not so are approaching the job with caution.

After the scuttle panel the roof is to be repaired.  Again this is a tricky job requiring the head lining to be removed.  The roof section has rusted through behind the sunroof and needs careful repair.  Any welding on the roof has to be done with great care to make sure the heat form the welding doesn’t distort the thin metal of the roof.

Fingers crossed time!

Latest New Sept 2015:

My Capri is still waiting to go in for additional body work repairs.  Den who was due to do it was struck down with a virus and had some months of work.  So he is horribly behind and I just have to be patient.  It doesn’t matter cos the Capri has been running well all summer and been out most weekends.  It always amazes me how many people come up to me these days and comment on how they used to have a Capri years ago and how they wished the still had it!

Apart from keeping her as tidy as possible I did get round to replacing the electric aerial which had packed in (again).  This time I’ve splashed out a bit more money on a genuine German OEM one.  Apart form looking a bit better put together I have to say that the operation is near silent.  It is a job I hate doing as a lot of the dashboard has to come out yet again and messing about under the wing ain’t a lot of fun.

My other major break through recently was I managed to repair my broken radio knob from the period digital radio.  As these often get broken and my repair seems really successful I have done a quick write up on how I did it!  See here for full details..

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