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The Ford Capri Laser Page

Trim and Fixings

In addition to the diamond white re-spray, Dennis prepared and re sprayed all the satin black window frames, door locks and the two metal bumpers.  The metal headlamp bezels were sent away to be powder coated Diamond White after colour matching.  I always think it is a really nice touch to get them done but it is worth spending the extra money on a decent powder coat as they always start to rust quickly otherwise. The radiator cover plate was letting the engine bay down a bit so this was also powder coated a nice shiny black at the same time.

New side light repeaters for the wings were purchased from the Capri club as the old ones were past it.  The original Laser side trim was refitted after my brother in law helped to repair the font and rear moldings.  Like nearly all Capris, the fixing studs had become very corroded but Dan came up with an ingenious repair using some space age rubberised epoxy glue he uses on his wheelchairs (he is the owner of DRAFT Wheelchairs in Huntingdon who design and make all the Olympic racing chairs for Team GB!).  He buried a stainless M4 screw in the epoxy after grinding off half of the head to stop it rotating.  This was positioned in the correct place so it could be refitted to the side of the car using new stainless steel rubber coated washers and Nylok nuts.  A really easy repair in the end which meant they didn’t need to be glued back on like so many people do.

The rear tailgate was re-fitted with its cleaned spoiler. The rear bumper, number plate (new bodywork fittings) and lights were cleaned and refitted.  Doors with newly painted window frames and handles were refitted and adjusted for correct fit.  The electric aerial and other bits such as the radiator gril, fog lights, bonnet lip were all refitted wth care.  Everything was copper greased naturally.

At this point the car was given a full Waxoyl treatment.  Dennis injected as much as he could into every hidden nook and cranny.  As I found out a few months later when the sun baked down on the car and the Waxoyl started dripping on to the driveway from all sorts of places!

The next huge job was fitting a brand new headlining to the car which was purchased from East Kent Trim supplies.  This was a painful and long winded job which I left Steve and Dennis to do.  They gave me the job of doing the sunroof panel.  Quite a lot of adjusting was required to get the sunroof to open and close and look good at all times.  During all this enthusiastic adjustment we managed to snap off the sun roof handle.  Getting a replacement was expensive and we went through three different ones before we found an exact match (yes Ford did fit several different handles at the time and they all look very similar but different enough not to work properly).

All the black door and window trim and furniture was removed and repainted in satin black

Front and rear bumpers were re-painted sating black despite being new.  The original paint was cheap and nasty!

The rebuild is under way with lights and bumpers refitted.  New black trim screws used.


Freshly painted window trims were re-fitted and re-riveted in place

Headlamp bezels were shot blasted and powder coated using a colour match of the Diamond White.


Front of the Capri starting to take shape again

Capri is getting ready for the bonnet to be refitted


All doors refitted and adjusted and re-painted trim and fittings attached

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New stainless studs, washers and nuts should ensure that these stay in good condition for the future


Side bumper moulding  were restored using an ingenious solution from my brother in law Dan Chambers at DRAFT wheelchairs


The rebuilt car is rolled out of the garage for a first look at the finished job.


The original Laser checkerboard strips need fitting after the coach work has had a good polish and cut.


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