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The Ford Capri Laser Page

2013 Latest Pictures

Here are some before & after photos showing the Capri as she was in 2012 and then as she is now in 2013!  As you can see she still has a long way to go before being back to her best again!

I managed to get a mint white bonnet off e-bay for fifty pounds which I have fitted.  The original as you can see below was rotten right across the front lip and beyond rescuing.

The car has been stripped of decals and various rusty bits patched up.  The sunroof was removed and stripped as it had seized and jammed shut.

The car has had new bumpers front and rear fitted and new number plates.  Wipers and other bits have been replaced.  The engine bay has been cleaned….

Projects for 2014

The Capri is mechanically sound although I’m not convinced the automatic choke is working very well on the carburettor.  I have just managed to get the fuel gauge working again after many years of being random.  All it needed was some new connectors and a good clean up of the contacts.

Things bugging me are:

1) I know it sounds trivial but my cassette player has gone wonky.  Now I actually went to a lot of trouble to make some nice cassettes (3 TDK ones for a pound in Poundland!) But they don’t work.  It needs pulling apart and servicing (not the dashboard again!).  - This has now been completed Sept 2014

2) The heater is not working very well.  This may be because the thermostat is opening too quickly but anyway it pretty much blows luke-warm air whatever the position.  I remember it being much better than it is now so it needs a bit of investigation. - This has now been completed Nov 2014

3) The handbrake warning light is very intermittent and a couple of the other bulbs on the dash need looking at. - This has been completed Dec 2014

4) The tailgate doesn’t stay up with the original gas struts.  So I’ve removed them from the car and have located a company called SGS Engineering that will refill them for just over ten pounds each.  They are about to be sent off for a re-gas! - This has been completed June 2014

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