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Latest News November 2018

Annoyingly my Capri has behaved itself so well over the summer months that there is very little to report.  For once everything seems to work fine and the only problem I had was I discovered that the washer bottle motor wasn’t working.  I found this out on a hot summer evening with the windscreen covered in smeared bugs.  On testing I found that there was 12V going to the connectors when the stalk was pressed and the connectors on the pump itself seemed clean and shiny.  So I pulled the pump off expecting to have to go and find a replacement.  I just thought I’d try a bit of WD40 squirted inside as a last resort and low and behold it fired into life and puked a load of gunk out.  So a good clean and some new spade connectors and everything was back to normal.

I also replaced the radiator hoses as I discovered the lower one was dripping and when I got it off I found the rubber was badly perished and cracked.  That’s what you get for buying poor quality OEM parts off E-bay.  They were only four years old!  Whilst the hoses were off I pressure flushed the whole cooling system forwards and backwards until fresh water ran out.  It is shocking how sludgy and brown the coolant was after only a short time in the car.  Some new summer coolant installed and all was perfect again.  Note the car is away in storage over the winter there is no point in going overboard with the anti-freeze as it ain’t as efficient as water as a coolant.

It has been lovely driving the Capri over the hot summer months.  I have had lots of nice comments and I find people often wave or smile as they drive past.  There is a genuine love and affection for old Fords from the British people of a certain generation.  Even quite young people comment on what a “cool car” she is!

So the clocks have just changed and everything is getting dark and miserable and it is time to start thinking about putting the Capri into storage again for the winter months.  I need to get her serviced and topped up with Waxoyl before this happens.