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Latest News June 2017

So I have been enjoying driving the Capri in all this beautiful weather.  She is running well and looks amazing with her newly painted roof and newly restored leather Recaros.

After about 500 miles the alternator started making loud noises form the bearings so I decided it was time for a new one which was duly sourced from “Mick’s Garage” and fitted.  Fortunately its quite an easy job on the Capri and after a straight swap we were back in action again.

The leather dash and seats look amazing and were recently complimented with a re-covered leather steering wheel and leather covered gear knob.  All correct and period for the car.  Cost me a fortune and it nearly killed me getting the old steering wheel off.  After hours of pulling tugging bashing and watching all sorts of YouTube videos about how to do it, I was about to give up.  I squirted some WD penetrating fluid on it and left it.  In a final attempt I managed to get it off.

What was the trick you ask?  In the end the method that worked for me was to get a thin metal rod on the back plate of the wheel (you can just about get to it from the rear) and then smack it with a hammer.  By rotating the wheel a bit each time I was able to get it to budge and finally come free of the splines.  The captive nut was left partially on at all times to prevent any unpleasant injuries!  Plenty of copper grease on the new one - one of the worst nightmare jobs I’ve ever done on the car and never again I hope!

I managed to get some of the money back by selling the old leather wheel on Ebay for £65.  Result!

For once there isn’t too much else to report.  I’ve got in the habit of dry cleaning the car every few days which is an easy way to keep her clean and shiny without using any water.  There are House Martins visiting our house and it is amazing how much poo they produce!  I use proper bird dropping remover solution and get it off as quickly as possible as it can damage the paint.