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Latest News - October 2021

Covid-19 finally caught up with us this month and my entire family caught it.  Thanks to being double vaccinated it was a mild trivial illness but we still had to self-isolate for ten days.  It is incredibly easy to catch of someone!

I have kept the Capri running all summer and although I haven’t driven far we did manage an uneventful trip up to Skegness for a long weekend.  There has been very little to do on her apart form keeping her clean and tidy.  I did spend the day T-cutting the paint work followed by a thorough polish which makes a World of difference to the paint work.

Once again we showed the Capri at the Hemingford Grey Classic Affair show held in the first week of September.  As with previous years they were blessed with great weather and more cars than ever were on display.  I believe there were over 300 this time.  There were plenty of amazing cars including a few Capris.  I have to admit we fell in love with the DeLorean which was gorgeous.  The Capri more than held its own and had plenty of admirers.  This year I had the engine bay on display for the first time.

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