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It was still cold and wintery when D659 DBJ arrived home so she ended up on drive way out in the wind and rain.  I was slowly planning how to begin my restoration with the aim of having a near perfect Capri at the end.  Fairly early on I decided to make use of some parts of my old Capri as I had already invested a lot of money in the mechanicals.

As spring approached and the weather improved I began to think about making a start on the new Capri.  My plan was to sort out the mechanical side of things myself and then find someone who could restore the bodywork properly.  Unfortunately it soon became apparent that the bodywork was in much poorer state that I had though.  It was clear that at some point the Capri had been fitted with two new wings and the drivers one was quite badly aligned.  Also it appeared that they had used large amounts of mastic or something to glue them on.  This was seen to be oozing out everywhere underneath.  Both wings were very rusty underneath and in the short length of time the car had been on my drive the rust had burst out onto the surface.

It was at this point that I started to wonder whether this new car was actually any better than my old one.  You could hear a sickening crunching sound when you pressed down on the wings.  It was only a matter of time before there were huge holes everywhere.  At least the inner wings looked OK and there was no rust around the top of the suspension mounts.  And unlike my old car which has bubbles of rust behind the sunroof  the roof was in good condition.

A few more test drives reminded me that the rear axle was not much good on this car so I decided to tackle the rear first.

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